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General practices on all BMW engine rebuilds:

  • Balance and blue print

  • Preassemble to check clearances and tolerances

  • Extreme care during final assembly, in a clean environment

  • Zinc plating for nuts, bolts, brackets and misc. small parts

  • Chemical soak & bead blasting to clean parts

  • High temp engine paint on appropriate parts

  • Attention to detail, so appearance is aesthetically pleasing


Featured Products:

  • BMW original parts

  • BMW Motorsport parts

  • Schrick cams and valve train components

  • Wiseco custom forged pistons

  • Custom billet crankshafts

  • Custom billet connecting rods steel or titanium

  • Custom larger dia valves

  • Engine coatings - thermal barrier and anti friction

  • Electromotive engine management system

  • Extrude Hone process

  • Quaife Technologies - differentials and gearboxes  

BMW S38 B36 with B38 crank conversion on dyno to tune and burn custom chip