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Who We Are 

The Power Plant is a specialty shop devoted to the creation of high performance engines and cars of BMW origin.

Henry Lawrence, aka THE POWER PLANT, has been building and modifying BMW engines and automobiles exclusively since 1980.  Henry Lawrence discusses each project with the customer to find the best possible combination of parts and machining to reach the goals desired by that customer.  His individual attention and enthusiasm for the project ensures that each engine reaches its maximum potential and reliability.


Our Specialty

Our specialties include BMW engine related products and services, including racing engines for professional or club racing, high performance street packages, custom one off projects, and prototype development and testing.  Some of the specific types of engines are : the BMW V12, M70, S70, M73 type, the BMW V8, M60, M62, S62 type, the BMW S38, the BMW S14, the BMW M10, BMW M30, BMW M20, BMW M50, M52, BMW S50, S52.

We also build complete cars for racing or custom street.


Our Capabilities

  • Complete engine rebuilding, from stock to full race. Stroker, turbo, supercharged, and custom configurations

  • Design and procure custom components, including crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, cams and valves.

  • Dynamometer – with both an engine dyno and chassis dyno in house, we can tune your engine whether you drive your car here or ship the engine.  The engine dyno is a Super Flow unit capable of handling up to 2000 hp and the chassis dyno is a Land and Sea unit capable of handling up to 1200 whl hp and speeds up to 200 mph. 
    Click on the icons to see our engine dyno on YouTube:        

  • Engine tuning – We have experience, software and tools to tune the Bosch motronic engine controls and burn custom chips for most OBD1 (pre ’96) BMW’s.  We also have experience with several aftermarket engine management systems.  Remember carburetors? – We even have a good selection of Weber jets to take care of those technologically challenged cars.

  • Cylinder head work, including valve guide replacement, valve and seat machining, porting and polishing, and flow bench testing.  All block work is done with main bearing caps and deck plates installed and torqued.

  • Transmissions and differentials - A large selection of BMW special tools gives us the ability to rebuild many of the different types of transmissions and differentials.  Upgrades to higher degree of limited slip or Quaife units.

BMW S38 B36 with B38 crank conversion, rebuilt and waiting for ancillary components


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